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Picture: Getty Imagessource:getty Images Lufthansa’s Super Cheap Mystery Flights Only Depart From Munich And Frankfurt Airports, So You Would Have To Pay Your Way To Those Cities In Order To Take Advantage Of The Cheap Flight Deal.

According to data from passengers' rights portal EUclaim, Air Berlin has had on average 24 cancelled or seriously delayed flights per day to and from Germany so far this June. Within the first five months of the year, there were around 18 cancelled or long-delayed flights per day. EUclaim records flights with delays of more than three hours as “problem flights”. The customer's' rights group further found that on June 1st alone, there were 47 so-called problem flights - a new record. Of those 47 flights, 44 had been cancelled. Major delays and cancellations over the first weekend in June are estimated to cost the company more than half a million euros in compensation payments, according to Bild . Since the beginning of the airline's summer flight plan on March 26th, 1,541 flights to and from Germany have been terminated. The capital city-based airline recorded losses of €1.2 billion for the last two years, and is currently depending on cash infusions from major shareholder Etihad to survive. Germany's second-largest airline launched a massive restructuring plan last September, which included renting 38 aircraft with crew to Lufthansa and slashing 1,200 jobs - roughly one in seven of its employees. The airline recently said that it was open to working with Lufthansa to help it check out your url stay afloat.

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No explosives were found in their luggage or on the plane and a spokeswoman for the airport said the remaining passengers were scheduled to fly on to London around 1100 GMT. Nine people received medical treatment after all 151 passengers were evacuated from the Airbus 319 aircraft using emergency slides. The pilot diverted the flight from Ljubljana to Cologne on Saturday evening after passengers reported that the men were talking about "terrorist matters", police and state prosecutors said in a joint statement. Bild newspaper quoted a spokesman for the German federal police as saying the pilot decided to land the aircraft in Cologne after passengers told airline personnel they had heard the men using words including "bomb" and "explosive". The men were aged 31, 38 and 48, a spokesman for Cologne police said. Bild newspaper said the men worked for a flights London company and were returning to London after a business trip. A backpack that belonged to the men was examined and destroyed in a controlled explosion by authorities but no dangerous contents or explosives were found in the bag or on board the aircraft, a police spokesman said. Police and prosecutors had said they were investigating a suspicion that the men were preparing to carry out, "a serious violent flights to ft lauderdale crime that could have jeopardized the state". On Sunday, the police spokesman said it was unclear if any charges would be brought against the men. The airport spokeswoman said air traffic had returned to normal after a three-hour interruption on Saturday evening.

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Lufthansa Surprise mystery flights: whats the deal?

German airline Lufthansa has created a buzz with their mystery flight deals. Picture: Getty Images But is are a couple of catches about this deal of which Australian travellers in particular should be wary. German airline Lufthansa has created a buzz with their mystery flight deals. Picture: Getty ImagesSource:Getty Images Lufthansa’s super cheap mystery flights only depart from Munich and Frankfurt airports, so you would have to pay your way to those cities in order to take advantage of the cheap flight deal. So if you do the maths, you might find it doesn’t work out in your favour after all. Also, there are no refunds on Lufthansa Surprise airfares, so if your travel plans change for whatever reason, you’ll have to let it go. But if you’re curious to experience the thrill of a mystery flight, the categories offered by Lufthansa Surprise include bromance, partying, cities, sightseeing and culture, nature, romance, shopping, ski and winter sports, and sun and sand. These are the possible destinations and their corresponding categories. Valencia, Spain, is another possibility. Picture: iStockSource:istock Bromance: Amsterdam, Dublin, Krakow, Poznan, Prague, Riga, Tallinn, Vilnius, Warsaw Partying: Prague, Riga, Dublin, Warsaw, Amsterdam, Barcelona, Krakow, Poznan, Vilnius Cities: Madrid, Paris, Brussels, Sofia, Belgrade, Bucharest, Amsterdam, Budapest, Dublin, Riga, Vilnius, Prague Sightseeing and culture: Florence, Istanbul, Venice, Vienna, Wroclaw, Warsaw, Poznan, Dublin Nature: Oslo, Stockholm, Bologna, Gothenburg, Copenhagen, Belgrade, Geneva, Helsinki Romance: Vienna, Zurich, Budapest, Florence, Paris, Prague, Venice Shopping: Hamburg, Madrid, Milan, Dublin, Florence, Istanbul, Amsterdam, Paris Ski and winter sports: Geneva, Lyon, Salzburg, Innsbruck, Graz, Katowice, Milan, Krakow, Riga, Sofia Sun and sand: Malta, Marseilles, Valencia, Nice, Lisbon, Stockholm, Seville, Porto, Bilbao, Gdansk.

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